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Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko offers hula dance lessons in Sacramento, CA. Hula is usually a very energetic and aerobic style of dance requiring the dancer to move their hips and feet in a specific fashion. Because of its exciting movements, hula dance falls into the same category as stage and ballroom dancing that has many benefits beyond the cultural and spiritual.

Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase your balance and flexibility, relieve your stress, and enhance your confidence. Hula dance is also a very social dance, often performed in a group. Your dance instructor will teach you hula routines that you can perform. My students and I often hold professional performances with costumes, head pieces, and a beautifully decorated stage. Your dance teacher will hold class at Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko studios.

My studio has a polished wooden floor so that moving barefoot comes more naturally. I also have wall to wall mirrors so that you can see yourself moving and better understand the physical motivation of each movement. In class, I request that my students wear simple skirts or dresses that will allow them to become used to the flow of a full hula costume as they move and dance.

At my hula studio, I want each student to have a comprehensive understanding of hula movements and traditions. My goal is to continue the teachings of my hula instructors and give the next generation of hula dancers the joy and gift of hula dancing.

Visit Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko to ask about the dance class schedule, class registration, and class pricing.

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