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At Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko, I teach hula classes in Sacramento, CA. My hula academy offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced adult classes. Hula dance is more than just steps and movements. At my academy, I offer the hula experience. You will learn about the culture and traditions from which hula has sprung, and you will gain an appreciation and new understanding of the Hawaiian people and lifestyle.

Language and dance go hand in hand as they did many centuries ago when hula dancing was performed not just to the sound of drums but to the sound of Hawaiian poetry. In my hula dancing classes, you will learn to chant and to dance as the ancient Polynesians did. Hula is more than grass skirts and coconuts, it is a rich culture and every movement is full of meaning. Originally there were only six basic moves in the hula dance. Each move has many subtle variations that create unique performances.

Hula dancing is a smooth, winding dance with fluid movements and isolations. These movements are meant to represent the movements of nature; tresses blowing in the wind, fish swimming in the sea, or clouds wafting across the sky. Hula is the dance of story-telling, of praying, and of spirituality.

Learning the hula dance is connected to learning about Polynesian culture. It was the Polynesians that created the hula dance to pray to their gods and goddesses, and it is a spiritual, powerful, and humbling experience to perform a complete dance.

Dive into the ancient teaching of hula dance at Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko.

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