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Traditional Hawaiian Classes | Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko | Sacramento, CA | (916) 402-0935

In addition to teaching hula dancing and performing all around California, Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko also hosts traditional Hawaiian classes in Sacramento, CA. Because of my Polynesian background, Hawaiian culture is very close to my heart. I teach each my dancers about Hawaiian tradition and Hawaiian hula terminology as part of my continuing responsibility to educate future hula dancing generations. Each hula dancer that attends my studio learns much more than just a dance.

The first settlers in Hawai’i were Polynesians, and so Hawaiian culture is heavily influenced by the ancient Polynesian traditions and lifestyle. Hula dance, among kappa making and feather work, is a very important aspect of the Polynesian lifestyle which Hawaiians developed and continued to this day.

Kapa, or tapa cloth, is a fabric made by native Hawaiians from the bark of certain trees. The kappa fabric is distinctive in its use of creative linear elements in the shapes of squares, triangles, chevrons, and diagonals. This fabric is what was worn by the original Polynesian hula dancers.

Polynesian feather work, intricate and colorful, was also part of the ancient dance ritual. Colorful head dresses and accessories made from the feathers of island birds were given great thought and consideration. In addition to being worn during hula dances, royalty also wore feathered outfits, and the temples of the gods were often thatched with feather roofs.

All of these ancient traditions and many more have carried on into today’s current Hawaiian culture. In my Hawaiian classes at Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko, students learn about the symbolism and rituals behind seemingly simple traditions and costumes.

Become a scholar of Hawaiian culture at Kūhai Hālau O Kanoheaokalikolaua’e Pā ‘Ōlapa Kahiko.

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